Camilyn Beth Collection

Because I have dreams of opening up my own little boutique I'm constantly on the hunt for new designers or brands that I haven't heard of before. When I came across Camilyn Beth's designs I instantly fell in love.  
Her designs are clearly made for the girliest of girls. I love the ruffles, scallops and of course sparkle details on these dresses. If you're still on the hunt for the perfect outfit to wear to a summer wedding, girls night out or sunday brunch you definitely need to invest in one of these stunning pieces. 


2 Penny Blue {Blazers}

I have a slight blazer obsession so I was stoked when I came across 2 Penny Blue. Although I haven't worn their blazers you can tell they're made with a lot of love. Each one looks luxurious and very well tailored. Marie Whitney only designs small quantities of each blazer so when you purchase one you truly are getting a one of a kind piece.What makes them even more special is when you purchase one, a school girl in Africa receives a school uniform. Fashion that gives back is seriously the best.

"To empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become." -Diane Von Furstenburg

2 Penny Blue also carries an incredible selection of bags, jewelry, scarves and umbrella's. Im currently crushing on this tassel necklace & this herringbone European clutch

Shop fashion that gives back: 2 Penny Blue

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Dainty little necklaces

There are so many days when i'm running late and don't have time to put any thought into accessorising. I keep a simple necklace on my night stand so I can grab it and throw it on during those days. I love that Chloe + Isabel offer so many different simple necklaces for girls like me that don't always have the time to do much more than that. They have everything from a little flower, to a bird, to a monogram necklace that looks great on every girl. 

p.s. A Giveaway of the last necklace shown will be happening first thing Monday. 


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Dreaming of flower crowns



If it were ok to wear flower crowns everyday, I would totally wear them.

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March {No spending month}

I have a bad habit of buying anything that sparkles. Lately it seems like i've had no self-control when it comes to buying new clothes, accessories or shoes. I think every girl can identify with having a bad day and needing a little retail therapy. Well, i've had way too many of those recently. I've decided to to make March a no spending month for myself. During those moments of normally making an impulse buy I can instead open up a good book, dive into scripture, Skype a friend across the country, or write some snail mail. Now that i'm sitting here thinking about it I have a never ending to-do list of things I have either been needing or wanting to do but my heart and mind have been so preoccupied. Sometimes it's easier to run to little comforts (in my case shopping) instead of practical things that truly restore the heart. 


Happy Camper {Camp Brand Goods}

This weekend I had my grandpa's birthday dinner & the family started talking about planning a family camping trip. To be honest camping really isn't my cup of tea. I prefer hotels over tents & clear ocean waters over lake waters. And then I came across Camp Brand Goods. Their sweaters & tee's look so comfy and perfect for sitting around a fire roasting marshmallow's with the fam. 


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Dear Monday,

Just 10 more minutes.